C-CLERC offers its services of legal and contractual auditing of annual and consolidated accounts, prepared according to the Luxembourg or international accounting standards.

Its auditors carry out their mission in order to inform its clients accurately on the state of their company's affairs, allowing the clients to make decisions based on solid findings.

C-CLERC refuses an engagement when the nature of the mission is contrary to its ethical principles.

C-CLERC executes its missions with extreme rigour, the utmost confidentiality and in full compliance with principles of independence and objectivity. The approach used in audit missions prioritises communication with the audited company's management team and the understanding of the company’s activities. The latter constitutes the key to an efficient service that helps in reducing both delays and costs of our procedures.

Its methods, and the application of tried and tested procedures, allow its partners and members of staff to dedicate the necessary time to interviewing clients and focus on the particular risks they are facing. Members of staff are trained to analyze the systems of internal controls existing within the audited companies and the risks surrounding their activities by deploying efforts on the control of a large volume of transactions.

Systematically striving to improve internal controls adds value to companies audited by C-CLERC and distinguishes our services from what is often considered a necessary and painful process. This is only manageable through personal commitment from the partners signing the audit reports and their close collaboration with clients and managers, with whom they discuss and share experiences.